AfricaNexus is an independent organisation which seeks to provide focussed informational and strategic insights into extremism and conflict in Africa. Founded in 2019, AfricaNexus continues to highlight and analyse the changing situations on the ground in places such as the Sahel region and with an increasing focus on North and East Africa. AfricaNexus seeks to also assess the impacts of extremism and conflict on local communities, in addition to analysing the individuals, groups and rhetoric that are involved in extremist related activities in these regions.

Vision: Our vision is to inform communities in Africa and those beyond it who want a better future for the continent, so that good practice and effective measures can be developed and implemented by stakeholders on the ground, to reduce extremism and conflict.

Mission: Our mission is to promote approaches based on reliable and credible information, which can ensure that governments, defence forces, civil society groups and local communities, can utilise them to break out of the cycle of extremism and conflict that are inter-linked in today’s world.

Strategic Objectives: Our objective is to reach out and inform Africa and  U.K. based members of the public, on developments affecting Africa in two areas – these include on extremism and conflict, so that:

  1. Public and civil society campaigning can ensure that alternatives to the use of force by military or other non-state actors can be explored in countering extremism and in reducing conflict.
  2. If violent actions or the use of force are required, that they are legally constituted, strategic in approach, subject to public transparency and scrutiny, and ensure that they form part of a long lasting political settlement.
  3. Non-state actors and civil society groups can play a role in reducing extremism and peacebuilding, through counter-narratives, the delivery of faith leadership programmes, and in supporting greater pluralism in representation at local communities.
  4. U.K. policy makers and shapers can continue to ensure that the United Kingdom plays an integral role in the vital social development of African countries and in building resilience in local communities against extremism and armed conflict. This partnership is in the best interests of the United Kingdom and democratically driven governments in Africa.
  5. Best practice in countering the rhetoric, ideology and abuse of religious texts within extremism, can be highlighted, promoted and disseminated globally.