AfricaNexus is a not-for-profit organisation, which provides public information on issues of extremism and conflict within countries in Africa.

AfricaNexus understands that quality information and opinion on these issues affecting countries in Africa is sometimes made through the lens of people who have not worked in or who have not lived in Africa. This is why our writers and content will be based on the thoughts, experience and content of people who have a passion to build on the social capacity of communities in Africa and who have lived or worked in the continent.

Apart from being an information portal, AfricaNexus seeks to stimulate people and communities into finding solutions to some of the ongoing issues around extremism and conflict in regions such as North and West Africa. The rise of subsidiary groups associated with the so-called Islamic State, and who were previously affiliated with Al-Qaeda, means that countries in these regions are under severe pressures to even function, when they are also working through Covid-19 and a pandemic that has led to local, regional and national lock-downs.

Our core values are based on supporting and promoting pluralism, enhancing local solutions to local problems and in countering and challenging extremism in all of its forms. Within the North and West African contexts, this is primarily associated with countering and challenging Islamist extremism that has blighted and polarised families, communities and countries. This is one of the greatest challenges affecting the continent, and super-fuelled by accessible social media and mobile phone penetration even into some of the most difficult and hard to reach areas in Africa.

AfricaNexus also believes in supporting peace-building partner organisations working within Africa and we will highlight good practice in projects undertaken by partners as and when appropriate.